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Misandry to become a hate crime?

17.10.18 / Last month the Law Commission for England and Wales announced a review into whether offences driven by misogyny should be treated as hate crimes. The review comes after Labour MP Stella Creasy’s campaign for misogyny to be recognised in the same way as racial and religious hatred, because of the disproportionate levels of sexual harassment and violence women face compared to men.

Now the Home Office has announced the Commission is also considering whether offences motivated by misandry, in other words the hatred of men, should be treated as hate crimes.

The announcement has prompted strong responses for and against, from fears it will legitimise abusive behaviour to those saying it is a positive step towards change.

Ageism and hatred towards goths are also being considered, while race, religion, trans identity, sexual orientation and disability are already covered by current legislation.

Read the full story at BBC News

Should misandry become a hate crime or will it embolden abusive men? Tell us what you think in the Comments section or join the debate on Twitter!  


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